Furious Chicken et al


„Viaje Fantástico“ von Roberto Fabelo, Plaza Vieja, Havana

Zwei Meldungen interessierten mich heute:

Furious French chickens team up to henpeck fox to death – dazu ein wie immer wunderbar süffisanter Bericht von IFLScience: „It’s very hard to take chickens seriously. Every now and again, though, these clucky creatures like to remind us they are not ones to be pushed around. After all, they are descended from dinosaurs.

A furious gang of chickens at a poultry farm in France are suspected of killing a fox that snuck into their coop looking for a tasty snack…“

Ebendort: „Nearly half of British women don’t know where the vagina is. And it gets much worse.“

Sollte das mit dem Protestantismus zutun haben? Ich erinnere mich an diverse Szenen bei Monthy Python, die das thematisieren.